I am Samai, an Economist by profession. But secreted away behind the mask of an analyst is my creative alter ego, one which continually strives to fulfil my unbridled passion for writing, travel and art.

I’ve plied my trade around the world as a climate change economist, journalist, writer, editor, amateur artist and photographer. Having travelled to nearly 50 countries, and lived in three, I spin stories about my experiences, which aim to inform and inspire others to see the world.

I am Bangladeshi-Australian, and when I’m not traipsing around the world, I split my time between Dhaka and Melbourne. I’m currently on the road, with my pack and toddler strapped to my back, hoping to tick some items off my ever-growing bucket list.

Get in touch if you’d like to work with me, as I continue my quest to find new adventures, now with a family in tow, and chronicle them for fellow travel enthusiasts.

“Though smartly structured and skilfully written, the real joy of Samai’s post is its subject matter: the way a shared passion can connect a stranger from halfway around the world with local people, despite language and cultural barriers.”

– Lonely Planet

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Bihanga Bangla in-flight magazine for Biman Bangladesh Airlines
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