Eid Decor, Samai Haider

Embracing Ramadan and Eid: Raising Little Muslims Abroad

Raising a child in a Western country has its challenges, none more so than passing on our rich Bengali heritage and Islamic traditions. In a land saturated by Christmas and Easter events, how do I make Eid relevant and fun for my pre-schooler? How do I instil in him the same joy and excitement I would feel upon spotting the crescent moon that signals the start of Ramadan or Eid? What can I do to create warm, fuzzy memories that he can fondly look back upon and associate with Eid, the same way I do? And more importantly, how do I weave in the moral lessons of kindness, generosity and gratitude that are the cornerstones upon which these festivals, and our culture, are based upon?

I write about Eid and Ramadan related activities I’ve introduced in our house over the past few years.

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